Blurbs for Go By Boat

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Lloyd Sachs.  A regular reviewer for the Chicago Tribune and Kirkus Reviews, Mr. Sachs has written for many publications, including Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times.

With this remarkable account of caring for ailing Mainers via boat and ferry, esteemed rheumatologist Chuck Radis puts a human face on the personal and physical challenges of practicing medicine. With his affecting and frequently surprising true-life stories, he joins the ranks of writing physicians such as Abraham Verghese and the late Richard Selzer.

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Len Calabrese, D.O.

Dr. Calabrese is the Chief Medical Editor, Healio Rheumatology, and Professor of Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Chuck Radis is a fine storyteller both entertaining and touching. In Goby Boat, he shares an intimate portrait of the joys and challenges of doctoring to a rugged group of islanders not about to swayed from their ways merely to please the island doctor.  Go by boat is both a gem of medical humanism and a great read!”


Robert E McAfee MD.  Dr. McAfee, a retired Portland, Maine surgeon is a past President of the American Medical Association

“Dr. Radis has presented us a journal of a doctors island life and medical practice that informs, entertains and teaches the reader what the ” spirit of medicine” is all about. The challenges of isolated island life are balanced by the Maine patients, whose personal relationships are a daily reward, unique to the medical practice of today. All young doctors, now and in training, would do well to read this book and realize the true rewards of caring for patients, not always learned in modern textbooks. What a comfort and joy it must have been, to have Dr. Radis as “my doctor.”

Betsy Gattis

Betsy Gattis Ms. Gattis is a writer/editor in Portland, Maine

.“Chuck Radis introduces us to unforgettable Maine islanders in the captivating memoir of his time as their doctor and neighbor. The stories of his relationships with irascible lobstermen, troubled teens, and compassionate nuns, among many others, illuminate the physician’s and the patients’ humanity through their struggles and successes. With humor and honesty, Radis gives us a rich portrayal of island life and the challenges and joys of a young doctor, husband, and father.”