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I’m interested in promoting empathy in medicine because if my patients know that I listen and care about them, they are more likely to be honest about the real problems in their lives. This two-way conversation can overcome life-long barriers to improved health. Empathy matters!

The therapeutic connection between patients and health care providers is threatened as the electronic medical record (EMR) demands more and more of our attention. As we type, there is less eye contact. For every check-off box, every computer generated question, our empathy, and kindness dims.

Submit your essay on empathy in healthcare here and be eligible for a $500 prize for first place, and $250 for second place.  

Submit today! Due April 15th.

Anyone can apply and you don’t have to be a healthcare worker! The top 5 submissions will be published on this site, and the photos and brief bios of the winner and runner up essays will be published online.

Essays will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Originality and writing style.
  • Development of ideas.
  • Proposal of solutions to problems identified.
  • Use of supporting evidence when necessary and appropriate citation in the style of your choice.
  • Wow factor! Feel free to add media/content to your writing!

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