Dr. Radis Go By Boat interview with Rob Caldwell on NewsCenter Maine

TV journalist Rob Caldwell came to Peaks Island to interview me about the story behind the stories of Go By Boat. I was particularly pleased that it was Rob; his first job in Maine was as a deck hand on the Casco Bay Lines ferry. Even before reading the book, he had a good understanding of what it must have been like practicing medicine on Peaks, Long, Chebeague, and Cliff Islands. The interview aired on channel 6 in May but apparently was so popular they decided to re-air it several days ago. At roughly 5 minutes it captures aspects of island medicine I’d nearly forgotten.

I hope you enjoy it.   Dr. Chuck Radis


2 thoughts on “Dr. Radis Go By Boat interview with Rob Caldwell on NewsCenter Maine

  1. Great interview. I too would rather read the story of human resilience than some surgeon’s blow by blow description of his (yes, his) derring-do.
    It makes me miss having Dr Radis as my rheumatologist to see and hear him in this interview. Thanks for the link since I didn’t see it on channel 6.

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