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  1. Having summered on Peaks for years.(60’s 70’s and 80’s) . I love reading your story. I have very fond memories of The police boat delivering officers to the island – Covy Johnson’s lobster pound .I now live in Texas and have not been to Peaks in years. This is just the way I remember Peaks Island!

    • Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the read. I’m a bit older now and when I think back on those days I just shake my head. Those were the “wild west” days of Peaks Island and the other year-round islands in Casco Bay.

  2. The pencil thin mustache while following the radar with his greedy little eyes not to mention his problem with the ignition. Great story.

    • Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the story. One of my favorite authors, John McPhee, has a little known passion for describing people’s mustache’s as an entre into their character. I’ve adopted his focus on the male mustache and it’s fun trying to make it fit the story.

  3. Doc, I have read every one of your readings tonight from start to finish and thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. A chance for me to truly understand why we have followed and finally know you as a great physician and yes, a friend all these years. I look forward to reading more.

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