$500 1st Prize Essay Competition! Empathy in Medicine

I’m interested in empathy in medicine because if my patients know that I listen and care about them, they are more likely to be honest about the real problems in their lives. This two-way conversation can overcome life-long barriers to improved health. Empathy matters!

The therapeutic connection between patients and health care providers is threatened as the electronic medical record (EMR) demands more and more of our attention. As we type, there is less eye contact. For every check-off box, every computer generated question, our empathy and kindness dims.

Doctor Chuck Radis is sponsoring an essay competition on empathy in medical care. Won’t you join us and write a short essay on a memorable patient experience? How do you avoid burn out? Your essay may be chosen for a $500 award ($250 for second place). Come check out the site and find a home for why you went into health care in the first place. 

Doctor Chuck Radis

4 thoughts on “$500 1st Prize Essay Competition! Empathy in Medicine

  1. I know this is geared toward health care providers but it puts me in mind of my experience. Ten years ago when I went in for my annual PE I mentioned both my parents died within 3 months of each other over the last year. No reaction from my (no longer) doctor as he tapped away at his computer tablet.

    Shortly afterward I took my dog to the vet and in conversation with him I mentioned my absence in my dog’s life because I was with my parents who subsequently passed away. The vet walked around the exam table, put his arm around me and hugged me while expressing his sympathy.

    Guess which doctor resonated with me!

    • It certainly is not intended for just healthcare people! Anyone can submit an essay. Perhaps you can build out your post and submit an essay!

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